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Hi, We're Thinksocially: a technology consulting firm specializing in total solutions for IT, managed and professional services, cloud computing, and compliance-based cybersecurity measures.

  • Day to day IT support and service desk
  • Management, migration, and support of the organizations cloud collaboration suite
  • Annual IT assessments and upgrades
  • Management of compliance-based IT security standards to defend systems against cyber breach


  • For profit businesses and non-profit organizations
  • Organizations with under a thousand employees, primarily located in the DC metropolitan area
  • Organizations required to comply with HIPAA, NIST, CMMC, or CIS industry/government IT regulations


  • Preventive & maintenance-based service approach reducing IT costs up to 30%.
  • Personalized and highly available service desk.
  • Risk mitigation of breach and non-compliance with current and pending cyber security and privacy (NIST 800-171/CMMC/GDPR) regulation

Our Services

We are your single point of contact for everything technical. From network support and backup recovery to data migration and cloud infrastructure. From IT strategy to application and web development. Thinksocially is your full-service solution.

  • Managed Services


    Managed Services

    Oversight and support for all of your devices, servers, and networks.

    • Day-to-day computer, network, server, and cloud system support
    • Monitoring
    • Preventive maintenance
    • Backup and recovery
    • SLA management
    • White-Glove in-house service package for technical support

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  • Cloud Computing


    Cloud Computing

    Design, management, and implementation for your systems in the cloud.

    • Cloud solutions
    • Legacy Systems Upgrade
    • Data Migration
    • VoIP
    • White-Glove in-house service package for technical support

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  • Professional Services


    Professional Services

    Design and development of state-of-the-art solutions for your enterprise.

    • IT Strategy
    • Business Continuity Planning
    • Web Development
    • Application Development
    • Mobile App Development
    • White-Glove in-house service package for technical support
    • Annual IT assessments and upgrades

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  • Compliance & Cybersecurity


    Compliance & Cybersecurity

    Identification and repair of security gaps in your systems for government compliance.

    • Cybersecurity Risk Assessment
    • IT Governance, Risk & Compliance
    • Threat Monitoring, Detection & Response
    • Management of compliance-based IT security standards (HIPAA, NIST, CMMC, or CIS industry/government IT regulations)
    • White-Glove in-house service package for technical support

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Trusted by more than 500 clients all around the United States.


Why Thinksocially?

For more than 15 years, Thinksocially has provided small and medium-sized businesses with the same level of IT capabilities and services as large enterprises. We offer government contractors a unique level of expertise, maintenance, and service for their computer systems, so that they can reliably operate within government compliance regimens (HIPAA, NIST, CMMC, or CIS industry/government IT regulations). And we do it for a cost far lower than other IT support options.

Service-Driven Highly Trained Professionals

Thinksocially’s team is composed of specialists with expertise in exactly the kinds of technology that government contractors require. Our professional and experienced team works closely with you and listens to your needs in all facets of IT managed services.

Value-Based Pricing

At Thinksocially, we combine our understanding of your requirements with our knowledge and experience in order to create a pricing model that will help optimize your IT investment. The Thinksocially approach is based on processes and methods that extract the greatest possible value for every client’s IT investment, often resulting in costs that are half of comparable IT solutions.

Customized Solutions

We strive to rapidly integrate with your culture and environment to solve the most pressing technology challenges facing your company. We are passionate about how our services and solutions can help you maximize the benefits of your technology.

On-Site Services & Elite Support

Every Thinksocially customer gets our White Glove in-house service package. We dispatch our friendly and knowledgeable technicians to your premises on regular preventive service as well as by request. This maintenance-based approach to managing networks means fewer interruptions and reduced impact on your business.

Forward Thinking

Thinksocially’s in-house teams are constantly researching and exploring the latest technologies. This allows us to customize solutions and foster innovation in our projects.

Metrics-Driven Reporting

By using a customized reporting practice that is designed for each client’s business and information needs, Thinksocially delivers beyond expectation on all service level agreements. We focus on monitoring and metrics, and adapt them to your particular business.

Client Testimonials

Our client feedback demonstrates our level of dedication, integrity, and expertise.

  • "Thinksocially has continued to offer guidance, insights, and onsite and remote support since 2003. The Thinksocially staff have often gone beyond the letter of the support contract to assist in many technology-oriented problems we have faced over the years."
    Victor Van De Moortel
    Chairman & CEO — Care for You, Inc. 
  • “From the outset, we have been consistently and highly pleased with the caliber and quality of their services. Over our ten-year association, Thinksocially has become a true business partner in every sense of the phrase.”
    John Condon
    Chairman & Co-Founder — Ambit Group, LLC

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