About Us

Our mission statement, guiding philosophy, differentiating factors, and the team that drives it all.

Our Mission Statement


Thinksocially is a progressive Information Technology (IT) service company that strives to provide small and medium-sized businesses and non-profit organizations with the same level of IT capabilities and services as large enterprises. We seek to offer government contractors a unique level of expertise, maintenance, and service for their computer systems, so that they can reliably operate within government compliance regimens.

Thinksocially was formed on a foundation of honesty, conscientious customer focus, and high-quality service. We are dedicated to supporting both individuals and organizations in accessing the power of technology to improve their bottom lines as well as the quality of their personal and professional lives.

Our Guiding Philosophy

We believe the ability to think socially has always been a bridge between technology and people. The name Thinksocially represents a more evolved approach to business, as well as to the services and solutions we provide. In today’s information technology age, there is an increasing need for imagination and for a new people-centric approach to business: an approach that has the honesty and confidence to let go of old hierarchical paradigms and tempers the needs for business growth and profit with the human needs of customers and employees.

Our Approach

Since 2004, Thinksocially has provided government contractors with compliance-based IT Managed Services at a cost far lower than most other IT support options. We are a service-first company, and strive to rapidly integrate with your culture and environment to solve the most pressing technology challenges facing your organization. And we take time to understand your organization as a whole (your people, your technology, and your processes) to further customize and enhance our service solution.

We use all of our suggested solutions ourselves, so we know they work and know-how to put them to work for you. Technology is always evolving, and so are we, to ensure we consistently deliver measurable value. We never stop improving our people, process, and technology services.

Our best practices and maintenance-based approach to managing networks allow us to provide quality, end-to-end IT support with fewer interruptions and reduced impact. We offer the capabilities of a fortune 500 IT staff, but at prices oriented towards the budgets of small and medium-sized organizations. Our experience allows us to scale our clients’ technology infrastructure in a way that allows their people to focus on their business and not the underlying technology.

Our Difference

We believe that technology can create a better future for our customers, and that technology should be adapted to the specific work and lifestyle needs of each user. Today, there is a growing variety of devices being used daily, including desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and even wearables. And business owners need to balance maintaining their technology in compliant ways, while also maximizing productivity. That is where Thinksocially comes in and why we are different.

We develop, implement, and maintain your technology for your business, but also work to customize the experience for the people in the organization. Instead of just reacting to unplanned IT emergencies, we help you get out ahead of the curve through the proper setup and maintenance of your technology, as well as training and coaching your staff, so we can prevent disruptions that could hurt your productivity instead of just responding to them.

The Thinksocially approach invests in our processes and methods, and in our remote administration tools and monitoring system, to bring down the costs of supporting a wide variety of IT tools.

The bottom line is that Thinksocially improves your margins by:

  • Helping your top line.
  • Making your employees more productive, so they can focus on the clients and their work, and generating revenues for the firm.
  • Reducing your IT investment requirements by as much as 20-30% through our preventive maintenance and training.